Meeting the Leaders of Paradigm Commercial

As a prominent player in the commercial real estate industry, we’ve garnered attention for exceptional services and transformative approaches. The dynamic leadership duo of Ashley Hopkins, the CEO of Paradigm Commercial, and Sarah Vandenbelt, the Broker of Record, brings innovation and expertise to the world of asset management and commercial real estate. Ready to learn more about our leaders? Let’s dive into their backgrounds, unique perspectives, and the exciting partnership that has driven Paradigm Commercial to new heights.

Ashley Hopkins – A Dedicated CEO



Ashley Hopkins, the CEO of Paradigm Commercial, is a passionate advocate for commercial property management. Her commitment to repositioning assets through strategic tenant makeup and capital planning has not only been a rewarding experience but has also significantly increased the value of assets for her clients. Ashley’s enthusiasm for the transformation of properties is infectious and inspiring, as she sees it as a driving force in her career.

One distinctive trait that sets Ashley apart is her meticulous attention to detail ensuring that her clients receive nothing but the best service. With a focus on strategy and negotiation,  her clients often describe her as responsive, with an unmatched one-on-one service that makes them feel valued and heard. Ashley’s dedication to her clients is one of the driving forces behind Paradigm Commercial’s success. 

Over the past decade she has built a strong network of commercial real estate leasing agents who specialize in office, retail and industrial properties across Ottawa and the surrounding area. Ashley prides herself on finding the right agents to work with for each property and vacancy that specializes in the specific style of tenancy. 

Sarah Vandenbelt – The Broker for Business Owners


Sarah Vandenbelt, the Broker of Record at Paradigm Commercial, specializes in owner-occupant sales, with a significant focus on medical users. Her journey in commercial real estate has been marked by the joy of working with business owners and seeing them leverage properties to create long-term wealth. Sarah’s ability to position assets for sale and her enthusiasm for marketing have allowed her to excel in her role.

Sarah enjoys the process of marketing the uniqueness of each property, positioning for success and conducting property tours, which gives her the opportunity to connect with businesses looking to level up their operations. Her deep understanding of their needs and her dedication to delivering exceptional service sets her apart as a broker in the industry.

A Partnership That Drives Success


Paradigm Commercial made headlines with the announcement of a partnership between Ashley Hopkins and Sarah Vandenbelt to launch the Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage division earlier this year. This strategic move reflected the company’s commitment to growth and its dedication to providing top-tier services to clients in Ottawa.

Ashley Hopkins expressed her excitement about this partnership, highlighting the alignment between their goals of delivering exceptional service and expertise to their clients. She emphasized Sarah’s proven leadership abilities and unwavering passion for the industry, noting that the partnership will steer Paradigm Commercial toward its next phase of growth.

Sarah Vandenbelt, with over nine years of experience in the commercial real estate industry and a family background in investment, brings her unique brand, relationships, and understanding of business owners and investors to the table. Her focus as the Broker of Record for the Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage division is on growing the brokerage and providing added value to Paradigm’s growing client base.

The leadership at Paradigm Commercial, with Ashley Hopkins and Sarah Vandenbelt at the helm, is a powerful force in the world of asset management and commercial real estate. Their passion, expertise, and commitment to their clients have not only driven the company’s success but also set a new standard for service in the industry. As they continue to grow and evolve, the future of Paradigm Commercial looks brighter than ever, thanks to the visionary leadership of Ashley and the strategic vision of Sarah.

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